Friday, July 16, 2004

New Music Project For Stafford 

Tonight I attended the Sponsors Evening at Stafford Rangers as a guest of Philip Thurlow-Craig from the Staffordshire Newsletter.  During the evening I got talking to Jim Wheeler, a guy I used to teach many years ago.  Having travelled across the world he’s now settled back in Stafford and is involved with the music businesses.  He has great plans to open a rehearsal studio, art gallery, and performance space somewhere in the town.  As he see’s it the building could be run by the community as a non-profit making venture.  Having listened to him for half and hour I’m hooked on his plans and will be supporting him where ever I can.  Unfortunately the same can’t be said for either the Borough or County Council’s who do not appear to be encouraging him in his quest.  Indeed we did talk for sometime on the long term future for the Gatehouse Theatre in the town and came to the conclusion that the Conservative run Council would not think twice if they thought they could sell the complex off to a private firm.  Jim has a long way to go if he is to get his project off the ground, but if enthusiasm is and measure of success he’s almost home and dry.

Tax Assist Office Opening 

It gave me great pleasure today to officially open he new office for Tax Assist Direct in Marston Road.  I’ve know Rupert Carthy for a year now so did not hesitate when he asked me to say a few words and “cut the ribbon” – although I have to say the ribbon was in my imagination.  The event not only gave me the opportunity to talk to a number of small business men and women from the town and find out what is worrying them about the future but also the chance to explain Liberal Democrat policies to them.

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