Thursday, July 29, 2004

County Council Retirement 

Today’s County Council meeting was a long drawn out affair, made worse by the fact that the first hour or so was taken up with the imminent retirement of Jenny Hawkins the Director of Education. I’ve known Jenny for many years and had the great pleasure to work for her when I was employed by the County Council a few years ago. Since being appointed to head the Council’s Education Department Jenny has made immeasurable improvements to education standards throughout the County, developing both school and central services alike. She will be an extremely hard act to follow.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Penkridge M6 Toll Meeting 

Even I was surprised at the number of people who turned up at David Kidney’s public meeting in Penkridge tonight. The school hall was packed to overflowing and David and his staff were running around like scalded cats trying to fit everyone in. I felt quite sorry for David, but I have to say I admire his bravery for arranging such a meeting, which from the outset was hostile to his government’s proposals. I was pleased to see a number of people clutching our leaflets so they certainly had been read and perhaps were responsible for such a good turn out. The meeting lasted nearly 2 hours and David had to field some difficult questions. Unfortunately for him he had chosen to stand in front of a couple of banners that were obviously left over from a school party which said “Happy Retirement”! Perhaps this is an omen for next year’s general election!!

Monday, July 26, 2004

Adbaston Parish Council 

I always enjoy going to Adbaston Parish Council and tonight’s meeting was no exception.  Tonight’s meeting lasted just over an hour and covered a wide range of topics including planning, anti-social behaviour in the area, the future of rural telephone boxes and the one at Knighton in particular, and the use of the internet to keep local residents informed of the Council activities and future meetings.  Adbaston might well be a small community on the edge of Staffordshire but the Parish Council take their job seriously.

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