Friday, July 4, 2008


David Cameron - all spin and no substance!

One of the main speakers at the LGA conference was David Cameron. Once again I sat and listened to what I can only describe as more spin than substance. While he was extremely fluent and came across as a likeable character but what did he actually say?

He made all the right noises on the relationship between Central and Local Government, regional quangos, and the family, points which were rigorously applauded by the Tory Councillors who were in the hall, however when he was asked difficult question he just pushed them aside.

One questioner, who was obviously not a member of David's party asked, given the experience in her area, whether the Conservatives were actually electable! Rather than answer the question David thanked her for reading out a press release and said he was sure her local newspaper would make a story of it.

As you might expect as we left the hall the Tories were saying what a wonderful leader he was and what a great prime minister he would make in a couple of years time. However over a cup of coffee a little later in the day I asked a Conservative Councillor I know from a Shropshire Authority what he thought was the main point David had made in his speech and I got the same cheesy smile and yet another Conservative none answer!

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