Wednesday, November 5, 2008



Congratulation must go to Giles and Mel Cottrill as they have now opened the new replacement post office in Derrington. As I said in an early entry in this diary (25th May 2008) the previous village post master decided to retire, which prompted the Post Office to look for someone else to run the office. Giles and Mel who already run the successful office in Haughton immediately stepped into the breach. Since that announcement they have both worked hard with the Post Office to get the new office up and running in the Village Hall. Hopefully their hard work will now pay off as local people and businesses use the facility.

However there has to be a word of warning! As I discovered when I visited Village Hall, the WI have arranged to run a coffee shop to coincide with the post office opening hours. I have to say the cakes and coffee are exceptional good and if I continue to use the post office on a regular basis I am worried my diet will suffer badly. Where else can you get a cup of fresh made coffee or tea and a slice of home made cake for just £1! Hopefully the coffee shop will bring customers to the post office and the post office will bring trade to the coffee shop!

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