Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Poor work on Haughton pavements

As residents of Haughton will know over the past few as a gang of County Council Highway Department workers have been resurfacing the footpaths in part of the Village. However to say that the quality of work is variable is an understatement.

To give the County Council their due they have delivered a leaflet to each household that was effected by the work warning residents that they should take care not to walk the tar into their homes and to not drive vehicles across the new surface for at least a couple of hours.

Well that is where the problem started. I had a telephone call from a resident of Church Close who asked me to go and have a look at the pavement outside her home. As son as O got there I could see there was a problem! Taking the Council’s advice she had left her car on the road overnight but even so the car a left quite a deep track across the new surface, and looking along the road it was clear this was the same at nearly every house.

To make matters worse the way the surface had been laid did seem rather poor. Along the back of the pavement where it joined hers and her neighbour’s gardens there were quite big gaps some of which even had small weeds growing in them. We both wondered what would happen in a few months time when the new seasons weeds began to grow?

I have to say that I’m at a loss to know why this work was left until the middle of November when the weather was cold and damp and the pavements were covered in dead leaves. Surely it would have made more sense to do this resurfacing in the summer when there was more chance of the pavements being dry. I’m certainly not aware of how much this work has cost, but I do worry it has been a waste of Council Taxpayers money and that even more will need to be spent to put the problems right.

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